Legislation to make Organized Stalking Illegal Is A Necessity!

Legislation to make Organized Stalking Illegal Is A Necessity!

"What is hateful to you, do not do to our fellow man. That is the entire Law, all the rest is commentary."
— Talmud, Shabbat 31a, from the Judaic tradition


Organized Stalking

It's important to remember that those who engage in Organized Stalking are rarely after romantic encounters.

Romantic obsessions are the domain of the Individual Stalker.

Organized Stalking is far more insidious than that and usually claims a specious "greater purpose".

This "greater purpose" might involve:
  1. Inciting hatred against someone because they are "bad" or associated with "bad" people. 
  2. Terrorizing a whistle-blower (revenge stalking),
  3. Disabling a competitor,
  4. Discrediting a colleague,
  5. Silencing any opposition,
  6. Terrorizing a potential threat (Organized Crime, Unethical Corporations, et al)

All of the above can, and in the case of Organized Stalking frequently do, include Abuse of Power where state resources (material and financial) are being misappropriated by those in positions of power who are recruited to participate in Organized Stalking campaigns based on any of the above specious "greater purpose" reasons or incited to participate based on lies told them by the stalker or his group - like my personal situation).

More often than not the real reason amounts to simply feeding the Psychopathic needs/obsessions of a deranged Sociopath whose victims fit a specific profile (like in my particular situation) or for a less deranged Sociopath to accomplish a specific goal.

Organized Stalking, in my opinion, is the behavior of a Sociopath.

Normal people can usually deal with these types of issues without resorting to Organized Stalking and rarely do. It's an extremely expensive, time consuming process that requires access to a lot of resources  and connections as well as a long term commitment.

Those who participate in Organized Stalking campaigns are not only well compensated but actually believe that they are "fighting for" this specious "greater good", for the most part anyway.

The behind the scenes Stalker, who is actually organizing the campaign, and those in his/her inner circle are the only ones who will actually know the real reasons behind the campaign.

Some of those compensated financially might eventually clue in, but generally don't care.

It's just an easy, albeit morally bankrupt way, for them to bring in a large amounts of quick cash.

Those who are interested in looking for a money trail to prove Organized Stalking are met with the challenge that there is usually no money trail.

Organized Stalkers (at least in the case of the one stalking me) use only cash which is never deposited in a bank account but used to purchase items in cash like cars, valuables, homes and/or home renovations, etc.

The preferred strategy used against me is to incite hatred based on lies.

As a result, the people harassing me are usually  not aware of the Stalkers real motivations and are participating because they think I've done something to them or am hostile to them for some reason that Cyril R. (the Stalker) has fabricated out of whole cloth.

Or, they are participating based on one of his specious "greater purpose" scams of targeting  me and others (usually women) whom he has defined as "bad" based on some fallacy by association and his pathological lies.

In my case, he incites hatred by claiming that since I have left wing extremist relatives I must be a terrorist. Of course, he never harasses my left wing extremist relatives. Instead, he spends an awful lot of time trying to frame me to create the appearance that I'm a terrorist in order to support those pathological lies of his.

He uses a typically conspiracy theory type of logic when he fabricates his stories. Most of which are sheer fantasy with just enough truth in them to appear credible but with the most negative possible spin on that element of truth.

This is the same pattern of behavior that was revealed in his campaign against Greta G.

Why target a woman who was basically just a housewife in Nazi Germany instead of tracking down and targeting the Nazi War Criminals that existed in Canada at the time?

In my case, why target a women who was not a left wing extremist activist, just related to one, when the left wing extremist activist was available to target and had other relatives, also women, who were left wing extremist activists?

His answers to these questions change as frequently as he changes his socks.

The real answer of course, is quite simple.

We fit his particular target profile for his particular Psychopathy, nothing more and nothing less.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for you site.

I'm a 39 year old male in Dallas, Tx. The first I noticed being stalked was in 1999, even before 9/11, but they may have been monitoring me long before. All of my 'friends' and 'family' all went along with them it seems overnight.

I believe my parents gave the goverment access to me when I was a child they implanted a chip in my head. Part of the gang stalking includes having electronic access to my thought. Plus microwaving and now contaminating my food and drink wheather in my apt, at any grocery store, and resturants.

Additionally, I might have multiple personalities which they may have induced in me when I was a child. I believe that they have almost total control over these other personalities.

Then, the strangest one as of late is, I believe that they have future knowledge of my actions and choices, even stuff I may not know about. On another site, someone refered to this as hyperdimensional.

The network is so vast and complex, I can't even tell you all who is involved. Also, I get messages that they have made a reality show with all the survillece that they have on me.

All the while, my parents, siblings, friends, church members, therapist, etc. lie to my face.

Due to the vast and over reaching nature of all this harassment, I can only conclude that this is an extreme situation of spiritual warefare.

They have me so isolated that the only people that I can turn to are other TI's online.

Take care and thank you again,

Anonymous said...

How's the weather in San Jose?

And thanks for providing such an excellent example of CyberStalking, the type of nutcase Cyberstalkers who engage in it (you), and the types of things they do to abuse and harass genuine victims of Organized Stalking/CyberStalking.

Anonymous said...

I live in topeka kansas where they stalk people like its a sport

Anonymous said...

When they're doing that it means that the person who is leading the ring is probably a relatively wealthy and well-connected psychopath.

stasi light said...

Stalking in Canada is alive and well.
I have been stalked for approx. 15
years. But only became aware of it
in the last 5 years. I feel it is a
community police program that the stalkers operate under.
There is a lot of firemen,ambulance drivers and taxi drivers involved. Also police and some lawyers get involved. It is a very expensive operation to run as I have tested the their resolve to follow me over long periods of time and distance. I would go bankrupt before they would stop. The funding must come from big business and government partnership. A lot of retired police higher ups involved. I have a good idea of the ones who have me on the target list and at this point feel it is more fun for them than viewing me as some sort of threat. (I could be wrong). At first it was very traumatic because I had no idea what was going on. But once I found out what it was I deal with it by giving back the same as I get. I laugh at stalkers when I can get them to look me in the face and always try to make them guess where I am going so they dont have a pattern to follow. I always walk around with a smile on my face and make like I am talking on a cell phone and reporting the stalkers to someone on the phone. They keep trying to sensitize me to different things but I find that I can desensitize myself by ignoring this as much as I can and laughing about their weak attempts..... I feel there has to be some way to put an end to this though, by forming a group and getting strength by numbers. At present I am still trying to figure out how.

Anonymous said...

Where in Canada do you live stasi light?

nomisben said...


from Belgium



nomisben said...

interesting,very good descriptions



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the links Nomisben. I'll add them to the links on the right.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog! Can you tell me more about the organized stalking that happens in Toronto b

Anonymous said...

Sure. What would you like to know?

Anonymous said...

Well, I live in Toronto and I have been "stalked" for about 2 months now with no end in sight! Almost all of my family members, friends and colleagues are involved. At first, I found it stressful and now I hardly notice it. I still don't know what the "greater purpose" is that seems to be motivating the stalking.

My question is mainly practical: To your knowledge, is there a reason why my stalker(s) would not want me to have clean clothes? I have had 3 laundry cards stolen from my apartment and they are like debit cards that can only be used on the laundry machines in my building. They are a major pain to replace.

Any insight you may have would be appreacited.

Anonymous said...

Iam a former Detective for the Milwaukee Police Department, in 2006 I blew the whistle because detectives were stealing overtime. The FBI set up 24/7/365 surveillance on my house and the neighbors gang stalked me for YEARS. The FBI continually tries to frame me and when I don't get charged I get assaulted with direct energy weapons that I believe are being fired from satellite, neighboring residences and vehicles.

David Psalms said...

about the clothes, it is known that they replace normal clothes with inferior clothing,

the guy who wrote the first comment, thats about the same thing that happens to me - i'm surrounded everywhere I go and every country I go to

David Psalms said...

about the clothes, it is known that they replace normal clothes with inferior clothing,

the guy who wrote the first comment, thats about the same thing that happens to me - i'm surrounded everywhere I go and every country I go to

Anonymous said...

(Auther of ~Gangstalking on Craigslist)Soon to be released on lulu.com

It is foolish to implement the government itself.

It is the members of the community, that employ the government that mess with the system.

The governments best interest is for its people.

There are no chips, or future thought ray beams. That is either the smoke and mirrors of what these people do to their targets, or delusion.

I am a targeted individual in Toronto, and have been for about 8 years.

The police get caught in a juxtaposition of bureaucratic legalities and proceedings etc. That is why they have trouble busting it.

Yes family, friends, and co-workers will lie to you, stalking, monitoring, lynching and things of the like do happen.

Its more of a persuasion that enables people to think its ok to do bad things to the target.

The entire premise is based upon the target, but in fact what the target does, really has little impact on the actual gangstalking.

An almost cult remnant of what resembles which hunts, from not 100-200 years ago... these people are lead into things they would not usually do.

Ambient abuse is a good way of describing one of their tactics, that is most common to all people.

Unknown said...

I'm TI in EU. I'm trying to look at organized stalking and put it in modern social and law enforcement frameworks. The more i investigate the more i'm surprised we don't hear more of it. Maybe suicide statistics speak for themselves.



Hi, Well I have been going through this hell for at least 17 years. Its only been a year or so that I found out about group stalking. I couldnt believe it. I'm sorry to say that I'm glad its not just me. Its outrageous, what happened to live and "let live". I have cried and cried and cried over this. Sometimes the hate would be so strong that it literally knocked me down. I have my house illegally entered almost every time I leave my house, they steal my clothes, sometimes they replace my clothes with something that looks similar, but is way cheaper, and has stains or tears, they switched my vacuum cleaner, my new pots and pans with inferior crap, my towels and sheets, makeup, and the list goes on and on. I started making quilts, or I tried to, but it became too upsetting to come home and find what used to be 2 yards of material turn into less than a half of yard, or half of what I already sewed, gone. My jewelry constantly disappears or the stones are taken out, one by one. this is just scratching the surface of the dirty little tricks they have pulled. I consider these people the SCUM OF THE EARTH. I have bought cameras but still cant catch them. I cant get anyone to take me serious, that this IS happening. My brother says, Im not important enough for them to bother with me, and my sister says, "I know you THINK this is happening, so to you it is REAL....but she is sure its not happening. Some just think im imagining all of this. One thing I do know too, is its cost me a LOST OF MONEY. The bastards! Boy I sure needed to vent, didnt I. I keep thinking it is a spiritual war, and we need to pray for these possessed evil bastards, like Jesus says "pray for your enemies". Maybe that will scare them! We as targeted individuals, could pick a certain time on the same day at a particular time, pray. Their would be more power in the prayer with the strength in numbers and energy going out at the same time. please think about this seriously and let me know. thanks,

Anonymous said...

Thx Unknown. Really like your blog. You have the same approach I do. If you want to get involved in my Social Network Engineering project (or if anyone else wants to) just email me at the email address at the top of the blog.

Anonymous said...

STANDUP FOR THE CONSTITUTION. Thx for your comments. You are not alone. A lot of us are being victimized by these despicable criminals. Stay strong and just keep trying to collect that evidence. When you do get something secure it well these guys like to steal it in order to discredit you.

The only reason for stealing and replacing clothes and all of the other assinine things these whackjobs do to us is to be annoying but to do constantly and on an ongoing basis.

The purpose is just to create stress and make you question your sanity as well as make everyone else question your sanity.

As you can see, it works.

This is why we need to educate people on the strategies so that they can identify them and so that we can lay the ground work for proper legislation that describes the crime thoroughly and sentences that recognize the serious impact and damage this crime perpetuates on it's victims.

I'm not religious so I don't pray.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Great description. I dont believe the police start this either. I just think the manipulation is so powerful, difficult to resist do to numbers and occupational positions.

Anonymous said...

My husband an I have been cyber gang stalked after using a very popular barter an trade website that starts with a c I reported to police nothing was done because my husband is a war vet an at the time we were going thru hard times I feel we were targeted with like one of you said they try to make you look insane to who you are seeking help from this gang has a huge network internationally our facebook email's an computer all hacked as well as phone text harrassment some very sexual in nature about me I want to make people aware but no longer know who to trust do any of you know a good investagator that can be trusted to help bust these sick creeps I even had a police officer see the email an names of people we linked to the group after we were able with the help of an I.T friend to get our computer back an do a root trace program I have several names I will never forget an some live near me I have small children an fear these people may start to get crazier things in my house have even been described to me I have had cloths come up missing as well things moved in my house an I have one hell of a memory I am worried if this will ever stop it started 6 months ago an so much craziness has happened at times it is alot at once sometimes not much at all I know I'm sane I have had many witneses to it how can I get it to stop or get my family protected

Sipho said...

Remain strong their days remainend are so small victim outnumber perptrators I m also going through that Good people never react according to their actions you only fortfy their actions human spirity is mighty never loose faith with your law enforcement officials not all are dirty these stalkers have tears also so why worry.

Anonymous said...

Thx Sipho for your positive comments. You are so right.

Organized Gang Stalking CALL TALK said...

Everyone we are trying to get the word out about this call line to other victims of this crime, so If you would go to https://www.facebook.com/events/540754762622911 Click on "Invite Friends" and invite them to this Call event, or invite them by clicking on "Invite Friends" below. Thank You

For further information about the call line go to WWW.OGSCALLTALK.BLOGSPOT.COM
which will show you everything about the call and different
methods of calling into the line.


There is also safe Chrome and Firefox browser (Add Ons) called ("Facebook Select All") and "(Invite All") that will allow you to invite all of your friends at once to facebook events instead of having to manually select them all.

(Facebook Invite All) for Chrome http://www.facebook.com/invallchrome

(Facebook Invite All) for Firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/invite-all-for-facebook/?src=search

Facebook Select All https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/facebook-select-all/?src=search

All welcome on the line!

Anonymous said...

U got it down. As far as the members in public it is most the stupid thing i have ever seen. They r so shitty at what they do it is a joke. They r also very sheepish. And run like a scared puppy when i try to confront. What i really have the problem with is when try to see my family (children and wife) in the nude. Fuckin pervs and no telling who just trying to see somthing. Sick bastards

Anonymous said...

Milw detectiv

Im sorry u r going thru this. Im a milwaukeen too. Im being gaangstalked. It was severe a few yrs ago. Vandalism harassment weird ",gifts" left at my door. Fbi=americas kgb. Read about the kgb/communists. Talk to former communist country defectors. They will tell u thiss is the same.

Anonymous said...

To one who stated theyre easily influenced. Yes i believe that too. Howver i believe there is some extreme military technology people dont in general own. Ssome of my perps act like theyre on something or they appear when they couldnt possibly know id be at a location (leave cell at home and use someoen elses car. Change daily habits). I think society is in fact dumbed down. And i believe some people r just not controlalble. So these nonconformists r terrorised by braindead idiots/easilymanipulated

Anonymous said...

Organized stalking in India starts as Cyber stalking with hacking of cell phones, landlines and e mails. It then progresses to Gang stalking.
Cyber stalking in India consists of cell phone and land line disturbances including call cuts, wrong calls , voice muting, automated SMS, switching off cell phone , battery draining,call ringing cuts, etc
I have filed several complaints with Cyber crime cell of my city police , they keep saying it is a technical problem , despite me showing proof that the call disturbances occur in a pattern and even if i change cell phones and service providers.I have also complained to the Cyber Security Division of the Department of Telecommunications , New Delhi and the CBI(Cyber crime and EOW division).

D Sam said...

Most if not all Organized Gang Stalking is created by trusted police and Firemen in that city where you live. No one ever questions their word.

They also like to HIDE behind others they are using.

Firemen are also added to the mix character assassinating targets of this harassment just because they can!

It just comes down to abuse of power by these same people who are incompetent themselves and feel miserable (believe it or not), about themselves and are insecure and are hypocrites!
And in order for themselves to feel better about their miserable selves people have to suffer because of this!

My experience is police and firemen are the most insecure people on the planet and I really don't know why!
Only they themselves know what their real problem is because they live in that body of theirs and know how incompetent they are really. After all they are only hunan but are seen as super human to the ignorant public.

So the problem doesn't necessarily have to do wirh themselves entirely but it's the stupid publics fault for idolizing them in the first place, and granting them god status when they themselves know they are not!

In other words they are losers! Who would have known with all their blind patriots and ignorance supporters just because they ride around in big red trucks that they don't own.

They spread horrific slander about target by saying things like we know they are a pedafile pervert, homosexual, murderer, bank rubber etc but we don't have the evidence ti stir up a hate crime by the public against the targeted individual because they are whistleblowers and have reoorted some corrupt activity they themselves are involved un to discredit them and to also have some fun at the targets expense and to fill their empty lives with some kind of entertainment just for entertainment purposes.

Believe it or not police and firemen have A LOT of time on their hands.

How I know is because I became a victim of OGS in San Diego and Las Vegas 5 years ago!

A lot of TI'S don't know they are under surveillance by an advanced technology. YOU ARE NOT MICROCHIPED! This tech can see through WALLS, CLOTHING, and SKIN and can eavesdrop into all your conversations on and off the phone crystal clearly inside and outside your home.

You don't have to be microchiped as some of you have assumed or where told by your perps trying to decieve you and throw you off their trail!

A very good example of HAARP technology can be seen ib a video on YOUTUBE under HAARP weapon of mass deception. In this video you can see a person being microwaved through to their bone while laying in a tan couch.
Also in the video you can see a subject under the mind cintrik aspect if this sane weapon. Notice the intern is not effected by coming in contact with the subhect because there are no wires attached.
Also ub this video you will notice that they do not elaborate on these two subjects because HAARP is a CLASSIFIED WEAPON!

After years of being under attack by this weapon I have discovered that this HAARP weapon is combined to work together along with SATELLITE and GWEN towers on the ground to surveillance and transfer these mind control signals to your and others brains!

TI INDIA said...

Organized Stalking in India, Chennai city Mandaveli is done by criminals who claim to be detectives. My stalking started as Cyber Stalking and Cyber harassment involving hacking/disturbances of Cell phones/Landlines/E Mails.I filed several complaints to the cyber crime cell of my city police ,CBI(Cyber crime and EOW) wing,Security TERM division of Department of Telecommunications New Delhi.The Cyber stalking proceeded to Gang stalking involving street theater, color harassment , noise campaigns, lie campaigns, breakins, Gaslighting, 24x7 surveillance,mobbing,directed conversations etc etc. There are an estimated 1000 TIs in India.

Anonymous said...

HAARP? Mis-Info ( unfortunately ) the person microwaving me and you! Is dawning a less than visible ghilly suite. HE is locally controlling this! I have mucho knowledgeable.
Alien tech, nano tech, invisible tech, and terror!
SLOW kill or death by natural causes.cults

Devil worship
real mind control (biofeedback ) hormone changes. And blood chemistry. I'm a victim www.Facebook.com/devilsdance06

Anonymous said...

Gang stalking is temporary mind-control of others and yourself (your hearing may be amplified etc..). Why you are chosen, I do not know specifically; it may be that your brain structure is not suited to their program of social conditioning.

Essentially, they cannot kill TIs outright as there are too many of us to do so and it is too obvious and would raise questions. As such, we are subject to a slow kill.

Countermeasures may be binaural beats (off internet) and anti-brain entrainment stuff.

GS involves a strong AI (and perhaps some human input) where satellites triangulate your position and use HAARP ELF waves to interact with yours and others' brain waves. It is for global mind control. This is in conjunction with the economic and political crises you are seeing in each country in order to bring about a one world government.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even sure where to start with this...like a lot of you here, all of my technology is being monitored including this post. I have been a TI for the last 2 years and it all started after an occupy meeting in CO. They broke in my home in Denver, were watching me outside my window at night when trying to sleep with night vision goggles (i know because they give off a green light). Then I had to move to Chicago for my job, which they got a room at the same hotel I was staying at and would leave right as I was leaving. I didn't realize until later that I had been followed from CO. I have found three seperate gps tracking devices in my car and if you think you're being followed, check the cigarette lighter and remove anything attached that doesn't look like it belongs. I am looking for anyone else in the Milwaukee, WI area that is going through something similar or thinks that people are stalking them. If you're serious and want help from these sick and deranged people, email me at stopgsmilwaukee@yahoo.com

I ignored the whole situation for a year or so, thinking and hoping it would get better. But it hasn't, so now I'm reaching out to you, the community, the people with heart and soul that care about others, that have empathy, and ideally that believe in GOD. because that is where I've gotten a lot of support, personally. Alone, we are helpless, but united we can do something! Its time to unite!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see whether I can comment anonymously

Anonymous said...

My e-mail at home has been disabled, I am using Splish Splash Cafe in Toronto. I am being MOLESTED in my sexual parts from underneath with heat weapons as I type this! It is an outrage.

I am being gangstalked in Toronto. Nobody has asked "What was the objective of the holocaust?" The objective was to kill the intelligent leaders, in order that the 1% would be able to easily carry out mass genocide of 6.5 billion persons and own the entire "global, global, global" globe! This is the second holocaust. It is far worse. I know what the domestic military do. Thank God for Edward Snowdon and such heros, who attempt to reveal what is occurring.

The 1% like victims with whom the majority may not readily identify, but who have a highly significant role. Divide and conquer is the plan. The 99% should protect the "violated individuals" with their lives because they are not replaceable.

Anonymous said...

I only recently became familiar with the terms 'gang stalking,' and 'targeted individual.' I happened upon the terms while listening to a Coast to Coast a.m. show. I thought I was alone in this type of harassment and I never would have thought that it is so rampant worldwide. I have been hearing the terms 'cyberbullying,' and 'cyberstalking,' for years, and when I have tried to describe what was happening to me to friends and family, those were the only comparable terms I could come up with, but then I would have to add that these individuals have not only stalked me online, but have also intruded into my physical world.

I'm not sure whether I'm relieved or alarmed to learn so many are experiencing the same thing.

I have seen a couple of people post they were being gang stalked in the Toronto area, and that is where my stalking occurs too. Of the members of this group I have been able to identify, they appear to be immersed into the gothic culture. I did report the matter to police when I finally got evidence that they were breaking into my place, but the police did little to nothing. They recommended that I replace the vandalised furniture and clothing via my contents insurance policy, and as far as I know, they conducted no investigation from the information I provided them.

I thought I finally got clear of the physical harassment when I moved, but I suspected that they still might be hacked into my system. I feel my suspicions now are confirmed by the fact that, as soon as I started exploring this gang stalking phenomenon further, strange things started happening again. My laptop started acting weird, and surprise, important pieces of mail started to go missing. I have been 3 months now, missing a very important and regular piece of mail, which coincides with the time I started investigating more gang stalking cases. I will need to get police involved for the stolen mail, but I'll likely get the same action from them: nothing.

There are not enough official organisations out there to help people who are TIs. Any of the leads I have followed have dried up. One promising group I was trying to find locally is now 'inactive.' I'm lost for what to do at this point, aside from taking extreme measures to expose the ones I can identify and start making things difficult for them, but if it is what I have to do, then it is what I am prepared to do if this harassment continues.

Anonymous said...

All MKs are gangstalked but not all gangstalked are MKs. It could be related to a type of eugenics campaign going on in the US, too. Lots of freemasons have a hand in it, and are connected.

It seems to be very government-run. Most, if not all city workers, from the judges to the street sweepers are in on it. One city picks up where another leaves off. They could be working for the private prisons, the entertainment industry, finance...the possibilities are pretty endless.

I wish I knew what to say

Anonymous said...

My group stalking and harassment started in the 90's. However, some events in the 80's or even the 70's could be related to this activity.
It seemed that as I became more skeptical of others, the stalking increased. Actual events I endured included a hazing prank that could have been fatal (I looked up the substance) items stolen, car tampered with (brakes) cell phone hacked, and other events too numerous to mention. Unlike most other cases I come across on the internet, I knew the person who was responsible for most of this.
He was very well adapted at getting people to trust him. Now I see thats an act. But then again most of the stalking activity is an act or sorts, isnt it? In fact, I would say that the ability to put on an act is what separates this from other criminality. Although many of the stalkers seem personable, I can tell you that these people (or most of them) are into something really bad. I have some different ideas than the most common ones I see on the blogs. Locally, the group is involved with drug trafficking, theft and burglary.
I have also seen indications of organized human trafficking.
The stalking is done to guard their turf. Victims are "chosen" by their characteristics (perhaps the presence of a conscience) They may try to corrupt and blackmail you. If that doesnt work, they use the stalking. Anywhere the activities (drug trafficking and human trafficking etc.) go on, the stalking will follow. This is a culture that seems to have a very close bond with each other, but doesnt appreciate outsiders.